Cozy Girl Squad is a lifestyle brand and creative collective. Our goal is to help eliminate the lack of representation that women of color, especially Black women, experience in streetwear culture through creating.


Picture this…

I walked into the bodega in 2015 right after an interview I had about women in streetwear, what it is like to be a cozy girl. I have on a navy blue and black Champion x Timo Weiland hoodie and sweats, Happy Socks, and Nike Air Max 90s. You couldn’t tell me I was shit. I felt so sexy in that fit.

A guy walks into the bodega, looks me up and down, and says “wow, you’re beautiful.” Before I could reply with a thanks, he followed up, “But why,” as he motions up and down my fit, “Are you wearing that? You’d look much better in a tight dress or something.”

I was so shocked, I left out of the bodega, went home, and angry tweeted about the entire incident. I ended my rant with “I’m about to start a movement. As captain of the #cozygirlsquad, I need a lieutenant.”

After a year of someone trying to steal my brand, a failed documentary, and many do-over’s. Here we are. This lifestyle, including its ups and downs, deserves all the praise.

Donette, founder and captain of Cozy Girl Squad


Kheprisa, lieutenant of Cozy Girl Squad

Because of who I saw in streetwear brand campaigns, I was the girl who thought I’d have to grow up, get rich and only then would I be able to afford my streetwear lifestyle. I didn’t think there were women of color out there who could put on heels during a night out — but preferred wearing sneaks instead. 

Cozy Girl Squad highlights the disconnect that cozy women of color experience and revives my belief of being able to belong to an authentic community that doesn’t look to compete against one another, It seeks to strengthen a common bond with like-minded women instead. 

As lieutenant of Cozy Girl Squad, I believe CGS will herald a new era of inclusivity. It will ensure women of color are getting first dibs on movements started by them and won’t tolerate our community being looked over.