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Less hype. More community. All women.

This cozy shit? It’s a lifestyle. We wear streetwear because we love it. We buy kicks because we like them. We like to be cozy because it is us. No hype, no clout. We’re dope ass women who couldn’t care less about what society says makes us feminine. This is our cozy world, made for us, by us..

It's time for us to link up.


our story

It all started in a bodega in New York….when a man told a girl that she’d look better in a dress than her Champion fit and Air Max 90s.


we want good fits

Women who love streetwear often resort to men’s clothing to get the fit, colors, and all around look they want. So we create for those girls.


cgs irl

we talk sneaker drops, brands, dope women, and more. join our community.

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