It's amazing to finally be able to say that Cozy Girl Squad™ is a thing.

When I tweeted that I was going to start this squad, this collective of women who gave two shits about what society says is feminine or attractive, I had no idea what it could become. 

As long as I can remember, being comfortable was way more of a priority than being considered attractive by another person. I went through a stage of tight clothing and really awkward haircuts like everyone else, but in the end the cozy girl in me ruled out. While I'm still trying to figure it all out, this is me and I soon learned that the world is not comfortable with me having that confidence.

As women, we are expected to be constantly fluid, adjusting ourselves to whatever society deems perfect at that time. sorry to disappoint.

Cozy Girl Squad™ is here to highlight and unify women who are a part of streetwear and sneaker culture. There is a gap between women who wear streetwear to project masculinity and women who wear it for the passing trend. CGS is here to represent that gap. This is a place to discuss, learn, connect, and not be judged by society's present standards on what it means to be a woman. Femininity is subjective. There are no rules. And being cozy is an internal idea just as much as it is a realm of style. It's a lifestyle, not a trend. 

We are just getting started and I can't wait to see where this road takes me. My hope is that I am able to uplift, inspire, and wear really cool clothes. Hopefully you can join me. Cheers.

xo, Donette.