Morgan Pitts

Cozy doesn’t have one side. Morgan is living proof of that.

We battle misconceptions everyday about what it means to be feminine and womanly in the realm of streetwear and Morgan completely rocks the boat. Whether she’s wearing her favorite Bape tee and joggers or boyfriend jeans and Gucci Amstel Clogs, it’s a certain relaxed, cozy girl vibe to it all. While managing to cultivate enviable style, she still has time to work for one of the world’s biggest fashion brands AND run Black Girls Who Blog. When Trader Joe's stopped our shoot and we relocated, we had even more fun.

Dive into her thoughts on streetwear, being a Hypebeast in the good way, and the definition of a lady below.



 CGS: How long have you been into wearing streetwear? You mix it with high and low, when did you get into that?

Morg: I can't really think of definitive point in my life where this was a thing for me. I remember being really young. I have an older brother, so I remember just him being into sneakers and sports. My dad is a real big sports enthusiast so I remember we would just have sweatsuits and sneakers growing up. I remember one time, we went to DTLR and I picked out these purple New Balances. That's a thing in the DC/Maryland area where I'm from. I walked out the store with them on and I was so excited. So it's never been a defining moment for me, just always been a part of me. I enjoy being comfortable. I'm a girly-girl, so as much as Barbie and nail polish and cute little mary-janes and heels have been attractive to me, I also have always loved being comfortable. It's not a solid moment; it's been a part of me for as long as I can remember.


Do you feel like your attraction to streetwear or being comfortable takes away from your femininity? What would your response be to someone who told you that it made you less feminine?

I'd be like you're sooooo...I don't want to say stupid because that's mean, but that's what I would think. Like ok, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it, but I don't feel any less feminine. This isn't a streetwear thing, but I went to a wedding and I was the only girl not wearing a dress. I had slacks on and I felt so sexy. I don't think femininity is this thing that has to be what we're told is girly. If they say that, that's their opinion but I don't feel any less feminine. I know I'm a woman, I know I'm a "female". I'm one of those girls that I get my hair done like clockwork every 2 weeks, my nails are painted, I'm into beauty, my eyebrows, I'm into all that. Not to say that all that makes anyone more or less feminine, but just because I'm comfortable in sweats and sneakers and cozy gear, I don't feel like I'm a boy or like I'm not feminine or sexy or a woman.


How does your boyfriend feel about your style?

He loves it. *giggles and smiles*. He bought us his and hers BAPE tees. He bought me Air Max 90s for our anniversary. I told him that's what I wanted, but still. He obviously supports it. He loves whatever makes me happy and what I want to do it, he's here for it. He's not one of those guys that's like...I want to cut my hair eventually into a bob or something like that, and he's like ok cool. Whereas some dudes would freak out. They don't want you to cut your hair. He's a fan of Vashtie and Aleali May and all them, so for him to not would be ridiculous.


That leads into the next questions, who's cozy girl style are you into?

Aleali May. I can't believe that I'm older than her, that's bizarre to me. Mentioning how I mix high and low, she is definitely that. She will have her Chanel Boy Bag with her sweats and her Off-White or what have you. Vashtie is the OG cozy, so I dig her. Just the everyday girl, girls I see on the street, girls I see on Instagram, I'm inspired by all of that.


You have a lot of sportswear stuff, but you always have the BAPE stuff, the Supreme stuff, how do you feel about the few things that come out for women specifically? How do you feel like it compares to the men's stuff?

Well my BAPE wear that I mentioned is actually a women's shirt. The his or hers tees that we got, his is a men's shirt and he actually like my shirt better. I feel like have some really cutesy stuff for girls. They cater to women, maybe not as much as men, but the assortment that is for women is cute from what I've seen with BAPE in particular. Supreme...I don't think they even have a womenwear section. I've always been the girl that will go into the men's section and get a smaller size and if they don't have a smaller size, I'll wear it big as a sleep shirt. Maybe some shorts underneath. I don't mind oversize gear if I like it, I'll get it.


Women's brands are so dead at this point. What do you think a women's brand would have do to emerge in this day and age and be highly successful that's not an extension of a men's brand?

I think it would have to be created or started by someone who is well respected by both men and women. More importantly the women because that would be the client, but men because they might by stuff for their girls based on the respect for the person's brand that it is. For instance, if Vashtie or Aleali, or someone who's not even as famous but well respected in that world, I feel like that would have to be what it takes. If I just started one, it would be just ok girl. I don't know off the top of my head.


Do you have any favorite streetwear brands?

I'm very hypebeast-y, if you want to use that term So of course, Supreme, BAPE. I took my boyfriend to the KITH with the cereal bar there, that was a great experience, I loved that. They have a mixture of brands there, but one of my little pins is a KITH specific ones. So basically the ones that you see all over the blogs and stuff are the ones that I like...I'm surface level into streetwear. I'm not as educated or as deep in the grass-roots as I am with high fashion. So what I see of that is what I enjoy. Nike is not a quote unquote streetwear brand.


They definitely want to be thought of as one, it's a thing.

They want to be felt in all types of spaces. They want to be the soccer mom and they want to be the dad running errands on the weekend and they want to be soccer jersey. I feel like they want to do all of it and they do it pretty well. But I wouldn't consider it a streetwear brand.


What would it take for you to get involved in streetwear as you are in mainstream fashion?

Just doing more research. I follow the hypebeasts, but I get subscription magazines about fashion, I read ManRepeller and Coveteur. Granted they mix some of that into their content, however I don't follow a specific thing that goes beyond the hype, the Yeezy releases, the Jordan 1s. Just the face of the culture. I don't even know where to look beyond those brands.


It's hard because those brands that you named mix so well with high fashion so that is what's on everyone's radar right now. What makes you select the streetwear pieces to add to your collection? You don't have hypebeast items, but very curated ones.

It has to be really cute. I have to see myself wearing it or using it or a placement in my home. With my socks, these Supreme socks are white socks and that's practical. You're always going need to that, always going to wear that. The shirt, that was my boyfriend came to visit and we went shopping. We went to the BAPE store and he picked them out. So stuff like that. The KITH store was a date and I wanted that. It has to be cute, it has to be practical. You know a lot of these things are expensive, of course overpriced, but being a lover of fashion I'm used to that. The same thing applies to that. Cute, not always practical because I own some things in fashion that aren't. Just heels in New York City, can't tell you the last time I've worn heels. I'm glad that we've gotten out of that. Being a New Yorker has elevated my coziness. Growing up in Maryland, it was always door to door, I rode in the car everywhere. I have to be getting a good use of money, I have to think it's cute, and I have to like it.


Working for Gucci, you are up and close and personal with a lot of products. It's very street right now. It's magpie-nerdy-chic, but still very street. How long do you think that's going to last, how long do you think high fashion is going to be into this whole streetwear and do you see yourself sticking with it even when it's not?

The way I feel about that is, Alessandro who's our creative director now, has been here for almost two years. He has kind of made that big shift, Gucci is the brand to follow now and to own. He's created that fashion authority so everyone is looking to that. Even in terms of Gucci flip-flops, every brand has a flip-flop now. We know that fashion is very cyclical, so if even it does phase out, it'll come back at some point. But coziness to me...people are always going to want to be comfortable. Granted your high fashion girls who are just with cozy for the trend or street for the trend, they're going to do whatever. But people being comfortable, enjoying that aesthetic, it's not going to phase out for them. As far as high fashion supporting, I don't know! A lot of things, specifically with Gucci, we moved our office from midtown to downtown, to be more street and more in the culture. Fashion is general is doing that! Conde Nast from midtown to World Trade, Saks corporate moved down. It's this big shift in fashion. It's a lot to invest in and to relocate this huge corporations, New York City offices, down, all the way down, close to Brooklyn.

While they (Gucci) still want to be exclusive, curated, and have a certain client, they also want it to be more authentic and be more relatable. They want to have that cool girl, cool edge factor. How long will it remain? I don't know. But it's been a lot of investments and changes to make fashion, the industry in general, more hip and of the street.


Cozy is definitely an everlasting thing. So your #CGSEssentials, what are they?

A good, solid, clean, pair of socks. A baseball cap. My particular fave right now is my ManRepeller cap, shoutout to the MR team. A good, I keep saying clean, comfortable, thick, quality, crewneck sweatshirt. I live in crewnecks; I even have a Gucci crewneck sweatshirt. I have a Saint Heron one, they can go so many ways. A good pair of thick joggers, quality thick sweatpants. Ones that are cuffed at the ankle but still loose at the thighs and you can still see your shoes. Sometimes I like a drawstring, sometimes I like just the elastic so you don't have to untie it every time you go to the bathroom.



Thank you! Cozy is a lifestyle to the point of convenience. My 5th go to cozy essential, I have to say shoes. Funny enough, Jordans are not comfortable to me. They just look good as a shoe, they're a very pretty sneaker. But they are not comfortable to me at all. I have a whole bunch of them at my parents house, but the ones that I have here that I really care about are my ice green 10s and I have the cement 4s and they aren't comfortable. But the Solange Pumas, I love those. I have Flyknits, Roshes, Air Maxs. The most comfortable of those is probably my Flyknits and then my Birks. I know that 5th one was a lot, but a comfortable shoe that you can throw on, that can match a lot of things.


Since CGS is all about highlighting and unifying these women that are a part of the culture, do you have any encouraging words that you would give to other women who are reading this?

Girl like. Do You. Do what's comfortable for you, wear what you're comfortable wearing. Don't feel like, circling back to that question about femininity, don't feel like you are less of a woman or that you're not professional or polished in sweatpants or sneakers. That's ridiculous to me. Quality is quality, cleanliness is cleanliness, being polished is being polished. You don't need to have on heels and a structured dress to look presentable or look like a lady. What is looking like a lady? You know what I mean. Wear what you want to wear and do what you want to do.

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