Mo Dang


It’s not unheard of to become inspired by one of the many dope accounts on Instagram. Scrolling through your favorite hashtag can actually be a goldmine and CGS hit the jackpot. 

Mo is a content creator and photographer out of Boston. Whether she’s in fully cozied down or is killing the game with some One Teaspoon denim,  you can’t help but get lost in her feed and her site, Floss and Grain. It only got better once we found out she’s opening her own streetwear and footwear boutique this March just for cozy girls.

Get into Mo’s inspiration and why she’s opening a store (that we’ll be visiting this year) below. 


CGS: Firstly, we think your style is absolutely awesome. How did you get into streetwear and sneakers, how did your style develop? 

Mo: Thank you! Well, when I was younger I was the ultimate tomboy. I was rough. I hung out with the boys, played basketball all day, hopped fences, scaled walls... It was just my preference to wear baggy jeans with oversized tops. If you grew up in the 90's too, you had groups like TLC, SWV and Aaliyah as inspiration, so girls in streetwear was normal.  In my 20's I got away from streetwear a little. I was coming into womanhood and was trying to be cute and wearing a lot of heels but that didn't last long. Since entering my 30's I realized that streetwear is ultimately what I'm comfortable in. 

I've always had a love for sneakers but wasn't always rocking the latest drops. Growing up, being raised by immigrant parents who did the best they could to make ends meet, we didn't always have the disposable income to afford a lot of new sneakers. I'd get a pair here and there and took care of them like they were my kids, always wiping them clean and whatnot. It's funny now looking back, but I guess that's why I still have such a weak spot for kicks.  

What do you think is the key formula to creating a solid cozy look?

Roomy pieces that allow you to move about comfortably. Soft, comfy materials are key as well.  

You have an awesome Instagram and content on your photography site, what do you think is missing when it comes to content for us girls?

I'd love to see more meaningful stories being shared. Stories (or photos) that really make you think, or think differently.

Do you think this inspired you open your store, MōMō? Could you tell us more about the store, your process for selecting what to carry, and any tips you have for budding entrepreneurs?

What really inspired me to open the store was the fact that Boston lacks one like it. When I'm looking for a certain article of clothing (a sweater, a t-shirt, or a particular brand) there's really not a place in the area where you can go in and shop for it. You either have to search online or go into one of the men's boutiques here which can be a little uncomfortable for women to shop in. I'm currently buying stock for the store which is set to open in March. My focus is to have a space filled with streetwear and footwear just for the ladies. Everything in the store (including the skirts and dresses) can be worn with sneakers. 

My tip for budding entrepreneurs would be to do lots of research and go for it. Believe and you will achieve. 

Within the culture, we often talk about the women's brands that we have only being the little sister to a bigger male brand. Do you know any dope female streetwear designers?

I really dig Dimepiece LA, especially they're "Catching Flights not Feelings" line. It's female empowerment line that we ladies all need every now and again. 

How would you revive some of our old ones? (hlzblz, married to the mob)
I love what hlzblz has been doing. I wouldn't change much about them, although I would like to see more items with less graphics for those cozy girls who are more minimalistic. 

What are your favorite streetwear brands and why?

I've always been a fan of Stussy. They're just one of the iconic, OG streetwear/skateboard brands that I've never gotten tired of. I like that they have both men's and women's fit for those who prefer a certain cut. I'm also loving how major athletic brands like Nike and Adidas are really focused on lifestyle apparel for the ladies. It's different from athletic or athleisure. It's real chill. 

Where do you look to for ideas, sneaker updates, product drops, etc.?

I do a lot of online shopping so I tend to get updates on the new drops. Sites like HypeBeast and Kicks on Fire do a pretty good job of keeping you in the know too. 

With Floss and Grain, what keeps you inspired? 
Constantly learning. I'm self-taught in photography and I'm always learning new techniques in my research. It's fun. 

What is your ultimate goal with your photography?
To make connections with others around the world and to tell meaningful stories.

What are your #CGSEssentials? 

1. A pair of NMD's - Especially if they're Primeknit. They're SUPER comfy and will get you through a long day of running around. They're so comfortable I've lost count of how many pairs I own now. They're my go-to.
2. Goyard CC holder - If I'm doing a lot of running around I typically don't like being bogged down with a purse or trying to keep track of a wallet so I always carry my card holder. It's small, can fit right in a pocket and carries my ID and credit cards. 
3. Yes to Coconut lip balm - I'm pretty simple when it comes to wearing makeup but I HAVE to have a lip balm with me at all times. My current favorite is Yes to Coconuts. I literally keep one in every pocket because nobody wants Tyrone Biggums's lips especially on these brick New England days!
4. A hoodie - I keep a cozy hoodie around to throw on. They come in so handy- on chilly nights to make a quick run to the store, if you want to just grab some coffee, if you're headed for brunch, if it starts raining, if Aunt Flo comes early and you need something to wrap around your waist... Literally, they're just lifesavers. 
5. IPhone 7 Plus - Is such a powerful piece of technology. The dual-camera on the 7 plus has a portrait mode that's pretty dope. You can get pretty good bokeh similar to a DSLR. It allows me to leave my clunky camera at home if I don't feel like lugging it around while still capturing amazing photos on my phone. 

As we are always trying to encourage and unify women, do you have any words for the girls reading this?

In a world where social media has such an influence on society to fit a certain mold, be original and stay true to yourself.

Donette Lowe