Heather Haynes

“H is for my hometown, homegurl, Heather.” You’re not real if you can’t name that song. 

While being a Weezy fan isn’t synonymous with being a proud New Orleans native, Heather Haynes is definitely the latter. She’s a southern belle in Supreme jerseys and is not ashamed. Homegurl has the whole “cute girl in streetwear clothing” thing down, but it started from a young age and its real. Catch her sneaker collection on Instagram under #homegurlsshoecam and catch her work on VH1 where she spends her day as a producer. At night, find her at some of the industry’s hottest parties and events. Get into her and her thoughts on style and women’s streetwear. 

CGS: How did you get into cozy attire? How long has it been your thing?

Heather: Growing up with an older brother I’ve always been into cool sneakers, my mother used to dress me super girly with dresses and bows but with a pair of Chuck Taylors. 

My cozy style began to flourish when I moved to NYC. It's nearly impossible to walk the NYC streets and catch the subway with stilettos and dresses. So honestly, it's more about comfortability when it comes to my day-to-day style. But please believe I love to dress it up and make it real for them too **laughs*. 

Working at Complex, did you ever encounter pre-judgments or jokes about your cozy style?

Ha, actually it was the exact opposite. Working at Complex, definitely took my cozy style to the next level. I worked in an office with majority of men that were super hypebeasts, laughs. I always loved men's clothing, I had dreams of being a male stylist at one point in my life. 

Becoming friends with the fashion editors at Complex was amazing. They got a shit ton of free shit! Whatever they didn't want, they would pass on to me. It felt like Christmas. I’ll never forget, I sold a pair of sneakers I got from the "Complex Free Table" haaaaaa. hustling. 

Do you ever experience that type of judgment from guys in general? Dating, family, etc?

In high school and college I had pretty eclectic style. Very colorful and vibrant. Always super unique, but classic. I've never really experienced any negative feedback. It was always admiration or imitation. Recently though a guy asked me “do I own any heels?” I literally responded, “yes asshole, you just never gave me a reason to wear them”. My sneaker count definitely outnumbers my heel count though. 

How do you balance your femininity with some of your most cozy looks?

It's all about attention to detail. I'm really into cool nail polish and designs, I also like to accessorize with costume jewelry, but overall a nice handbag is key to adding femininity to my most cozy looks. I love to throw on an oversized shirt or jersey with a pair of bomb ass heels any day! That's been my going out staple outfit as of late. It's sexy and effortless. 

Yeah that sounds Rihanna-chic. Cuuuute. What brands do you like to wear?

This question is a bit hard for me to answer, I love so many brands! I think the best way to answer is to describe my personal style. I have a strong affinity for high and low juxtaposition. I love street wear brands like Acapulco Gold and Like Sushi, a New Orleans originated brand, because its raw and edgy. But I also like Phillip Lim and Rag & Bone, because of strong design and aesthetic. Style is supposed to be effortless and dictated by how you feel, not contrived and put together.

Why no women designers? It seems their marketing isn't strong or what do you think they need?

When I was in college I was obsessed with brands like HellzBellz and Married to the Mob. I loved their in your face designs and mantras, they were both ahead of the curve. I used to shop for all of their pieces and more online. Many street wear brands are no longer relevant today, because of current culture and the way millennials consume. The feel of being original and unique is lost, as everyone is too busy trying to aspire and look like his her favorite A-list celebrity.

If you could help them produce content, what would you do?

I would craft and build content that showed the individuality and unique personal stories of the strong, hungry, and fashionable women than make up street wear culture. 

Where do you go to keep on the latest in the culture?

A lot of different sources, but if I had to single out one I would say Instagram-because its curated streetwear culture in real-time.

If you had to pick 5 things to be your #CGSEssentials, what would they be? this can include everything from beauty products to clothing to tech. 

Hmmmmmm...5 isn't enough, to be cozy, but if I had to pick, I'd say:

1. Heather grey sweatpants, they go with everything. I can dress them up or down.
2. Cool socks because I have a slight obsession with socks (like the current funky Marc Jacob ones I’m wearing).
3. Chapstick. I  need my lips to stay soft, for when I cozy up next to bae.
4. Earrings. I feel naked without them, only studs though. 
5. Sneakers because I wear them every damn day- ha!

Any advice or encouragement to other women reading this?
My words of advice would be stay true to who you are, and be confident! NOTHING is sexier than a woman with confidence. Chin up and shoulders back. Good posture and smile or smize can go a long way no matter what you're wearing. HONESTLY. TRULY.  Laughs



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